Plymouth High School prepares students for the workforce and college

NOW: Plymouth High School prepares students for the workforce and college


PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- Plymouth High School is preparing students for more than just college after graduation.

Officials at the school are requiring students to go through transcript audits, preparing them for life after high school. Aimee Portteus, Director of Guidance at PHS, said the process starts their eighth grade year and continues all the way through senior year.

“We know that 95% of our kids are going to need something more after high school but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a four-year college, we’re very aware of that,” Portteus said. “In our state we have so many employment opportunities that need to be filled by good workers and those good workers are right here with us right now.”

The process begins with a survey, asking each student about their goals and interests. From there, they attend the transcript audit, where they’re able to meet one-on-one with different colleges, companies, and vocational schools, which happens twice a school year.

“It helps us have an idea of what we want to do after high school,” said Hamza Yasin, a PHS Senior.

Yessica Renteri, another Senior at PHS, said the audit process makes things easier.

“We already got to send our transcripts to the colleges we want to so we have to do is apply.”

Both Yasin and Renteri have plans to attend IUSB after graduation, a decision that was aided by the new audit program.

One PHS Senior, Kelsey Vance, didn’t know what her path would be after graduation before going through her transcript audits, where she found out about culinary school.

“I plan on going to Instilla for two years, get a business degree in culinary, then I plan on going to a Culinary school in Texas.”

Some of the local companies present during the process include ITAMCO, Elkway Wood Products, Universal Bearings, and Valmont industries. Most of these companies offer students a chance to go straight into the workforce after high school.

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