Police address concerns surrounding numerous complaints at local nightclub

NOW: Police address concerns surrounding numerous complaints at local nightclub


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Police are focusing on reports of gunfire around the Arabesk Palace.

Multiple posts on social media about shots fired at the local business prompted ABC 57 News to look into the allegations.

This week, ABC 57 News got a hold of documents detailing every complaint related to incidents happening at or near Arabesk Palace from January 1 of this year all the way through the end of July.

"Gun shots are being fired. That’s, that’s a huge concern," said South Bend Police's Nuisance Abatement Investigator, Keenan Lane. "Our biggest concern right now is bullets into bodies, bullets into buildings. You know, and something like that happening there is definitely a big concern to us that that is occurring."

In the past, Arabesk Palace has been designated a "chronic nuisance property" by South Bend Police.

Allegations of fights, shots fired, threats on people's lives, and other businesses complaining made their way into our newsroom this week.

Arabest Palace is a business known to locals as a restaurant by day and club by night.

A local business owner who didn't want to go on camera says he has complained to police many times before, as his parking lot is allegedly used by club patrons at night, and sometimes those altercations turn violent.

Most of these incidents happened hours after his nearby business had closed for the day.

"We have some concerns about shots fired right there in that area in that parking lot. We still have complaints about the visitors to that business," said Officer Lane. "Parking, again, in the surrounding business parking lots, in the neighboring parking lots."

The local business owner who did not want to go on camera says bullet holes are visible at his restaurant from what he believes are fights that stem at Arabesk Palace.

Not to mention, documents show allegations of people drinking in the parking lot and loitering.

The owner of Arabesk Palace refused to speak on camera.

He says he is the one being picked on.

"He's not being picked on at all. If he has issues going on in there, I just ask that people take responsibility for their business," said Officer Lane. "They gotta change some of their business models."

Police say a nearby gas station from Arabesk Palace that used to be open 24 hours a day has even limited their hours because of the nuisance brought on by what is alleged to be club-goers.

A PDF version of all the documents obtained by ABC 57 News is below.

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