Police and Community urging people to come forward with information on weekend shooting

NOW: Police and Community urging people to come forward with information on weekend shooting



SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit (CMHU) is investigating the drive-by shooting that killed seven-year-old Chrisyah Stephens on Saturday. It along with the South Bend community is asking for your help in the investigation. One community leader is making his own incentive for people to come forward with information.

Kintae Lark is a well-known barber in South Bend who routinely does free haircut events for kids in need. Now, he wants to do his part to help police find Chrisyah Stephens killer.

"I try to think 'what can I do in my space?'" Lark said. "It may not be able to be much, but sometimes a haircut can go a long way. So, what I'm offering is a year of free haircuts, that's every two weeks, a year of free haircuts from whomever can come forth bringing information leading to the arrest of whoever is involved regarding this."

Lark said he is also partnering with nearby hairstylist DaLana Griffin so that any woman who comes forward with information can get the same deal.

Lark said this shooting hit him close to home.

"As a father myself, my daughter is six years old," Lark said. "She'll be seven next month. Really my heart is broken for the family."

Michiana Crime Stoppers were not available for an on-camera interview, but did say in a statement, "Michiana Crime Stoppers has been working with the community since 1983. We go over and beyond to not only make it easy for people to submit tips but to keep them anonymous from start to finish. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose if and how many tips we have received on this particular case for fear it may deter others from calling in with a tip. What we can say is, our community has been shaken by the death of a 7-year-old girl in South Bend on Saturday evening. If you have any information that could lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible, we ask you to call Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP or 800-342-STOP. Any bit of information, no matter how small, could be the missing piece to solving this case."

St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit Commander Mike Grzegorek said on a phone call that he is "thrilled" with the community's effort to help CMHU find Chrisyah Stephens' killer. He said they get tips and information "every day," but he did not want that to deter anyone else from coming forward with information. He said, "Even the most minute detail could be helpful. If you know something, say something."

Grzegorek said anyone who has information should contact either the County Metro Homicide Unit at 574-235-5009, the South Bend Police Department at 574-235-9388 or Michiana Crime Stoppers at either 574-288-STOP or 800-342-STOP. All of those numbers allow for tips to be left anonymously.

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