Police ask for tips in Castle Point Apartments fire

NOW: Police ask for tips in Castle Point Apartments fire

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Michiana Crime Stoppers is asking for tips regarding a recent fire at Castle Point Apartments. It happened on April 13th, leaving no one injured but damaging several apartments and leaving some residents displaced. 

ABC57 confirmed Wednesday the investigation into what caused is now in the hands of the State Fire Marshal’s office. 

“If somebody started it, like what does that mean?” asks Castle Point resident Alexis Bennett. 

Tenants like Bennett have questions after hearing that Michiana Crime Stoppers and the Saint Joe County Police Department are asking the community for information and tips regarding a fire that took place in her building earlier this month.  

“We had a resident that stated they smelled gas then they heard an explosion, but that was literally all that we knew,” Bennett recalls. 

She says the talk around the apartment complex suggested that a gas leak was to blame, although that’s unconfirmed by local fire officials.  

“From what I could tell, none of the residents were directly responsible,” says Bennett. “Why would the person who lived in that building run around and be like ‘Hey, there’s a fire,’ if they’re directly responsible.” 

The uncertainty worries residents like Bennett who are now wondering what really led up to the fire.  

“It’s not a great feeling to worry like will this happen again?” Bennett wonders. 

The Clay Township Fire Department says an update from the State Fire Marshal’s office regarding the investigation should come next week. If you know anything about what started this fire, you’re urged to contact Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288- STOP.  

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