Police impersonator tries to pull over woman in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind.-- Police are searching for a man who is pretending to be an Elkhart Police Officer.

Monday night a 25-year-old woman called 911 when the impersonator tried to pull her over and she realized he didn't have a badge.

According to the victim the impersonator was a white male wearing a black hooded shirt and baggy blue jeans.

Local store owners are shocked that a fake cop is running around their area.

“When we see lights flashing in our rearview mirrors we just want to respect the law so we are going to pull over not thinking it isn’t a cop car. It’s very concerning to me," said Julie Dilorenzo, owner of Blushing Bride on C.R. 17.

A concerned father who lives in a neighborhood on County Road 17 is upset that the man appears to be targeting women.

Duane Wampler said, “Predators seem to think that they are easy targets and it’s real scary!”

The Elkhart Sheriff's Department is asking the public for help finding the small white car in the area.

Captain Jim  Bradberry said, “There were alternating red and white lights seen on top of the vehicle, so if you see a car matching that description, you might want to jot the plate number down for us.”

Dilorenzo said it's unnerving because a lot of young women shop in the area.

Dilorenzo said, “It is prom season. Maybe this person is smart enough to know that, and so he’s thinking there are young girls out shopping in this area.”

Police are hoping the public can assist them in finding the impersonator.

Captain Bradberry said, “He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt that was covering their head and face. A legitimate police officer isn’t going to come up to your vehicle and disguise their face in any way shape or form.”

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