Police investigating circumstances surrounding stabbing

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Police are investigating a stabbing that happened on Portage Avenue Friday morning. Police aren't sure if the man who was stabbed lived in the home or if he was an intruder.

The woman who lives at the home on Portage Avenue ran screaming out of the home and ran across the street for help.

"She just continued screaming, 'He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me! He's going to rape me, he wants to kill me! He wants money.' I said, 'Calm down, we'll call 911,'" said Cheryl Dorman.

Dorman was taking out some garbage Friday morning when she saw a woman running towards her with a bloody steak knife in her hand.

"She said the intruder broke into her house, hit her over the head with a bottle," said Dorman.

The woman told Dorman that she had stabbed an intruder in self defense.

"The knife was really bloody. And she said, 'I got him. I know I hurt him.' And she said, 'I think I got him in the heart,'" said Dorman.

Dorman had to clean blood off her porch after the incident.

She feels like she saved the woman's life.

"The woman had blood all over her chest and I thought she'd been stabbed or shot in the chest," said Dorman. "I just felt like she needed help. I thought she'd been stabbed in the heart from the look of her clothing."

Police say after the man was stabbed, he ran after the woman. Then he headed north on Portage Road. He tried to break into several cars along the way.

"When the guy was in pursuit I could tell something really evil was going to happen," said Dorman.

The man who was stabbed is in the hospital in critical condition.

The prosecutor's office is expected to release further information about the incident.

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