Police respond to multiple fights at Clay High School, Instagram account posting videos of fights

NOW: Police respond to multiple fights at Clay High School, Instagram account posting videos of fights

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. --- There’s a disturbing trend happening at Clay High School.

In the last seven days, St. Joe County police have responded to four fights, which equates to one fight for everyday school was in session. Two of those fights broke out on Tuesday this week.

The police department tells ABC57 that no arrests have been made, and the fights were all broken up by staff before police entered the school.

Adding to the concern is an Instagram account that is posting videos of the fights.

The question parents and staff will be asking Wednesday night at a School Board meeting, is recording and posting the fights to social media influencing more violence at the school?

The account is posting recent fights as well as some brawls from last school year, with captions like ‘keep sending fights’ and ‘send me all your fight vids from Clay.”

The encouragement from the Instagram account is a big concern for those in close connection with the school as well.

A source close to the school told ABC57 that the recent fights could be a result of the minimal punishments for students involved in fights by school administration, telling us:

“We need a safe school environment. I don’t think that will happen if kids can assault teachers and there is little to no consequence.”

The source has asked to stay anonymous for fear of retaliation, and adds that eight to ten fights have broken out in the few weeks that school has been in session.

The general consensus from the community, including concerned parents of students at the school, is that school officials need to take action before things get worse.

That’s the plan, according to the South Bend Community School Corporation.

The principal of Clay High School shared in a letter to families of students how they will move forward:

“We are grateful for the support provided by our St. Joseph County Sherriff’s Department. As a precaution, heightened security, additional police officers, and administration will be present at Clay High School for the remainder of the week. Clay High School is a community committed to education and growth. Violence in any form is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

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