Police searching for man who reportedly exposed himself near schools

NOW: Police searching for man who reportedly exposed himself near schools


South bend, Ind. --- Right now police are investigating several disturbing incidents, after multiple women reported a man on the city’s North and Southeast side exposing himself to them in broad daylight on Tuesday afternoon.

One of the women said the first incident happened when she was walking her dog just after 12 pm, right outside Trinity School on Greenlawn Avenue about a block away from McKinley Elementary School.

“There was a line of students’ cars then in the front there was a red car that was running and when we got to the car, the guy rolled his window down and said do you know where JCPenney is? And I turned to look at him because I was going to respond and then we saw him, well I saw him my dog didn’t, masturbating in the front seat,” said Julie Harris, one of the women who reported the incident.

Harris posted on the next-door app soon after the incident happened and just hours later, another woman responded to the post and said the same thing happened from a man driving a similar car, just minutes away on the corner of York Road and Southeast Drive.

“He said can I offer you some comfort and I was like what and so he said it again, can I offer you some comfort and he looked down at his lap because I was looking at his face. So, I also looked down at his lap and there he was fully exposed, masturbating and I looked at him and I said I don’t know what you think you’re doing but I’m calling the police,” said Terry Cruz, the second woman who reported the incident to authorities.

Police reports were filed after both incidents and Harris said she also alerted Trinity School about the what happened right outside their fence.

“It’s obviously concerning and it’s something disappointing to hear,” said Trinity parent Sarah Noonan. “We were informed by the school and I very must trust the school to maintain the safety of the students here, the students are always observed and they have teachers with them.”

Trinity parents told ABC57 the school did send out an email about the incident, but some parents at McKinley Elementary School just down the block said they had no clue.

“I was unaware of that, but it’s unacceptable. I don’t approve of anything like that being so close to the school and the children that’s in the neighborhood,” said Shanelle Allen, a parent at McKinley Elementary.

“I would like to see more police around here so you know they can keep an eye on our kids and just to keep it more safe,” added Biridiana Amayasalinas, another parent at the elementary school.

Now police are investigating both incidents which they said appear to be related. Harris and Cruz both said they told the police the male was young black driving a red Toyota Corolla.

If you’ve seen anything matching this description or have information you’re urged to reach out to the South Bend Police Department.

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