Police searching home related to murder investigation

Bristol, Ind. -- A normally quiet Elkhart County neighborhood was full of police officers Monday morning as investigators searched for answers in the murder of a man found in a barrel along the St. Joseph River last month.

The SWAT team for the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department, along with investigators, stormed and raided a Bristol home at the corner of Doris Road and Helen Drive around 10 a.m. in connection with the murder of Mark Miller.

The home is just miles away from were Miller's body was found.

The 44-year-old businessman went missing just two weeks before he was found dead inside of a barrel along the St. Joseph River near Six Span Bridge in Elkhart County.

Shelly grew up in the quiet neighborhood on Doris Road, but Monday morning was different than most. Instead, Shelly woke up to loud booms that sounded like gunshots.

"I woke up looked out the window and saw a couple cop cars going by with their lights on, then I heard a third boom and saw smoke in the backyard," Shelly said Monday.

Neighbors said they were concerned and confused by the loud booms they heard, wondering if they were explosions or possibly gunshots because of a gun range nearby. Police said the noise neighbors heard were flash bang grenades used by the SWAT team as they entered the home. 

The Elkhart County Crime Scene Unit, along with the SWAT team, were searching her neighbor’s home as part of their ongoing investigation into Mark Miller’s murder.

Shelly said the family that lives there has been in the neighborhood almost as long as her family,

"They have been quiet, never any trouble. They are just normal people."

Neighbors said police searched the home, as well as the barn, and later carried out paper bags and guns from the home.

"It’s scary, but I went on about my normal business," said Shelly. "I figured if something was going to happen, police would get us out of here."

One month ago, police found Miller’s body stuffed inside a barrel along the St. Joseph River in Elkhart County. The 44-year-old owned a local tattoo shop in Elkhart and had been missing for two weeks when police made the discovery.

"He was never a bad guy. He did tattoos for my brother. He’s a rather nice guy and a father," said Shelly.

Police would not elaborate on why they searched the home or what they were look for. Investigators would only say that no arrests were made and that their investigation continues.

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