Political candidate teams up with local rap artist for campaign ad

NOW: Political candidate teams up with local rap artist for campaign ad


Some creative campaigning is getting more people involved in the political process. Just when you think you've seen everything, one local candidate and a team of South Bend natives are breaking new ground with a new kind of campaign commercial, a rap video. It’s a campaign advertisement like you’ve never seen before. South Bend native and rap artist Blu Casey teamed up with one of Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District candidates to take a new approach on campaign advertising.

“We were just performing, Yatish is a big fan of music, and one night we were performing in there and I was showing him a lot of my music and he was like, ‘let’s do a music video’ and I came up like three days after one of his debates, I had the hook, found the beat on YouTube and that was it,” said Blue Casey, a local rap artist and activist.

Reporter question: “How do you think people reacted when they first saw this?”

“(Laughs) Different ways, in very different and diverse ways, from good to astonished.. to wow,” said Casey.

Casey says he’s using his talent as a tool for those who don’t have a full grasp on the political process.

“It’s an important time for South Bend right now. This is definitely a stepping stool to get people to come out and learn more about what’s going on in the election process,” said Casey.

He says, so far, no matter who voters are in favor of, his one minute approach, which debuted Monday, is turning heads.

“Now they can see this, now they’re looking out for more information, now people are actually getting geared to go out and vote, people I never heard talking about voting, on social media before, are talking about  voting right now, on Tuesday,” said Casey.

He says he also hopes it won’t be the last time a fresh approach on politics is taken.

“Think outside the box, think of different ways to do something. A lot of people never thought about doing a music video for a campaign ad for someone running for congress or political statute. So now this shows other people different ways of doing things actually connecting with the youth and not doing everything the traditional way.”

ABC 57 News reached out to Political Science Professor with IUSB Elizabeth Bennion who says, “With more and more people getting their political news online, the candidates are seeking new ways to get "clicks", "likes", and "shares" online and people are more likely to share in that way” She also says this ad is likely to appeal to younger voters.

Click here to see that full music video.

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