Power outages threaten business on graduation weekend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. –  During graduation weekend thousands of Notre Dame parents and Alumni are in town, which means more money for South Bend businesses.  But a major power outage Saturday threatened that revenue surge.  23,000 people lost power in South Bend.

“We were having an awesome lunch and then the power went out”, said O’Rourke’s manager Andrew Pankowski.

Business owners on Eddy St. were shaken up when the power went out during graduation weekend.

“Well it went out about a half hour ago and graduation weekend is a big deal for us.  It is going to affect business”, said manager of Hammes’ bookstore Bob Battles.

“This is the last push we have so it is really going to hurt us”, said Pankowski.

Parents and alum in town for the big celebration weren’t happy either, especially those who have kids that live in the Eddy Street Commons apartments.

“It is terrible that no action has been taken.  They did not even inform the tenants”, said parent Syed Ahmed.

Business owners I talked to also said they tried calling Indiana Michigan Power with no response, so they were forced to shut down.

“We are unable to help our customers with no registers or lights or anything”, said Battles.

“Without electricity we have no way of washing our dishes or our hands”, said Pankowski.

Luckily, two hours later employees at O’Rourkes were able to wash those hands, because the power returned.

“Just glad to be back in business”, said Pankowski.

But he says the two hour span still did some damage.

“It cost us a nice little chunk of change”, said Pankowski.

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