Powerful fall storm to bring gusty wind

NOW: Powerful fall storm to bring gusty wind

It'll definitely be a windy end to the work week. As we move throughout the day Friday, we'll notice the wind will already be picking up, along with those scattered showers early. As the rain becomes more widespread later in the day, wind speeds across Michiana will be increasing as well.

Potential wind gusts as of Friday afternoon. Gusts could even be higher than the numbers posted.

Gusts of 30-35 mph could be possible throughout the day with higher gusts of 40 mph in a few spots as the front moves through Michiana Friday afternoon and evening. Even after the front leaves, cold air coming in from the northwest will continue to make things gusty Saturday, with the wind slowly calming down throughout Sunday.

And thanks to those stronger gusts, some small branches may come down, along with a few power lines. So, anything light outside around your home may be taken for a ride Friday into Saturday. Plan on raking and bagging leaves Tuesday and Wednesday or just wait until early next week when this storm is out of here and everything is calm once again. 

There's a low to moderate risk of isolated power outages with this system.

Our power outage risk Friday, Friday night, and into Saturday morning is a 2 out of 5, so on the low to moderate side and it's likely that only a few of us will really see big problems out of this.

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