Premier Arts hosts annual Art Walk with this month's theme 'In Our Art Era'

NOW: Premier Arts hosts annual Art Walk with this month’s theme ’In Our Art Era’

ELKHART, Ind. -- Today June 27, Premier Arts hosted their annual Art Walk, with this month's theme being 'In Our Art Era'.

With more than a dozen local artists and businesses selling their products, ranging from tie-dyed shirts to homemade popcorn, many vendors and food trucks were out to connect with the local community.

Kids and adults alike enjoyed the live entertainment, along with cornhole, hoola-hoops, and frisbees. 

"Elkhart is a really special place. And I love it, that people come for Art Walk or they come for a concert with the Learner, they come for whatever reason. And they're like, I had no idea that there were these cool restaurants, and these cool shops and downtown Elkhart has it going on. And those are the kinds of things that we hear, we just need to hear more people say that more people need to come and experience what Elkhart has to offer," stated Executive Artistic Director for Premier Arts Craig Gibson. 

 Next month, July 25, Art Walk will host a country concert themed 'Boot Scootin Boogie'.

To learn more about Art Walk, or to check out the upcoming events, visit

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