Presidential candidates let ads do the talking

Both presidential candidates took a break from the campaign trail and let the political ads speak for themselves on Friday.

Both sides are spending an unprecedented amount of money on negative ads.

The latest attack on Mitt Romney implies that he and his former company, Bain Capital, were responsible for a woman's death.

But the ad failed to mention the woman died years after Romney left Bain.

And she did not receive health insurance from her husband which the ad states she did.

Romney condemned the spot.

"In the past, when people point out that something is inaccurate, campaigns either pull the ads. They were embarrassed. Today they just blast head," Romney said in a radio interview on The Bill Bennett Show.

But the Romney campaign is far from innocent, running its own ad claiming President Obama has gutted welfare reform.

The White House made a statement saying that ad is "blatantly dishonest."

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