Preview of ABC57 investigation into the death of Tiffany Helbling

NOW: Preview of ABC57 investigation into the death of Tiffany Helbling

PLYMOUTH, Ind. - We’re following up on the death of a 31-year-old Plymouth woman in the Marshall County Jail back in late-May

Almost a month ago, an ABC57 investigation, Suffering in Solitude: What Happened to Tiffany Helbling?, first looked into Helbling’s death, which was ruled to be from natural causes due to pneumonia.

ABC57 Investigates obtained Tiffany Helbling's autopsy report. Now, we have new details on the cause of her death.

We want to warn you, some of what you hear and/or read may be disturbing.

"She laid there and suffered," Tim and Jennifer Lowder, Tiffany’s parents, say in a Zoom interview. "She had double-pneumonia, bronchitis, and bleeding ulcers. Her stomach contents were found to be full of blood. Her organs were shutting down and her brain had swelling. You cannot tell me that having bronchitis, double-pneumonia, and all those different things going on that she didn’t show signs of being sick."

Helbling died on Sunday, May 23 after being rushed to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

Her death came almost five days after Helbling was arrested on DUI and drug charges. She was housed in the Marshall County Jail, where Helbling was put in a padded cell because of suicidal tendencies, and according the Marshall County Coroner, she was there her entire stay.

"Did they just put her in suicide watch in a cell and just leave her there to suffer?" Jennifer Lowder says she wonders. "That’s what it sounds like to me, they threw her in cell and said, 'Forget her.'"

ABC57 Investigates has asked numerous questions to Marshall County’s sheriff, coroner, and attorney.

On Wednesday, we’ll tell you what we were told, as well as more surprising details from the autopsy report.

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