Meet the Candidates: Elkhart County and their 2nd district race for commissioner

Meet the Candidates: Elkhart County and their 2nd district race for commissioner

ELKHART, Ind. --- Brad Rogers or Donald Brown? These two candidates believe they are the right man to represent Elkhart County as Commissioner in the second district. In a race seen to be closely contested, both parties will be waiting anxiously during election night as they await who comes out on top. 

The most important election this country has seen in a long time is one week away from commencing. Nationwide and locally elections all over the country will take place to welcome either a new elector or a familiar incumbent to lead their communities. 

In Elkhart County, there is a need for a new second district commissioner after incumbent republican Mike Yoder lost the GOP primary to current nominee Brad Rogers. 

Rogers Democratic challenger is United States Army Veteran Donald Brown. Brown, a native of the county, wants the victory but believes regardless of political affiliation residents should vote for who they believe can get things done for the people. 

"I don't think it shouldn't be about democrat, shouldn't be about republican, shouldn't be about an independent. I think you should vote for the person who can do the job," said Brown. 

Brown believes somebody who represents the county and what it stands for should be in office. A sentiment Brad Rogers agrees with after he served the county for over 33 years. The former sheriff understands how important positions in local office are. 

"People have asked me to consider a state government or federal government, but quite frankly I feel like local politics is often times where you can get things done and people's rights can be most protected," said Rogers. 

Roger's top priorities involve a strategy to provide timely and reliable public access to important information, for example, accurate pandemic updates. The other is maintaining government services without overreaching constitutional authority. 

"I believe that in county government that those who serve, we are basically serving the people and we are not the masters," said Rogers. 

Brown's top priorities involve building up local roads, infrastructure, affordable housing, and other aspects that filter into building a better Elkhart County. The other is improving school safety for all students. He is passionate about student safety as he raises a young daughter of his own and wants her to grow up in the safest environment possible. 

"We have been losing kids from people who have not been focusing or stopping at school buses and hitting kids. I have a kid of my own and I would never want that to happen to my kid of anyone else's kid," said Brown. 

The election is on November 3rd, but there are four early voting locations in Elkhart, Goshen, Nappanee, and Middlebury if you wish to avoid the large crowds. 

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