Primal Kitchen grand opening marks change in Michiana dining options

NOW: Primal Kitchen grand opening marks change in Michiana dining options

GRANGER, Ind. - You are what you eat, right? A restaurant in Granger is trying to change what people put on their plates, and how they view their meals.

Primal Kitchen is a clean eating, paleo and primal style dining restaurant.

Their grand opening begins Friday morning and lasts all weekend long. 

There will be a special ribbon cutting ceremony, presented by the Chamber of Commerce, followed by free giveaways, samples, and more.

The restaurant had a soft opening over the summer, to work out some kinks, but is ready to show what they've been working on.

It's the premiere location for the chain. 

"Instead of having the first location be brick and mortar and expand from there, this was kind of conceptual," explains General Manager, Anthony Fulton.

The second location opened a couple of weeks ago in L.A. 

It's a drastic difference from a region that is filled with fast food options. 

"We're the one place where you can get a healthy meal, in a relatively fast speed," adds Fulton.  "People are very, very used to this area having fast food."

It's hoped that the grand opening will educate people that you can be healthy and still enjoy your food.

"I do love the chicken and waffles," Fulton says. "You don't even know you're eating healthy. It's like a clean indulgence." 

A clean eating trend, the restaurant is hoping, makes its mark in Michiana. 

"Its definitely a new style of eating for this area and our appeal is growing for sure," explains Fulton. "The organic clean eating movement is well on its way, so we're happy to be apart of it."

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