Primary election: Elkhart Common Council primary races decided

Primary election: Elkhart Common Council primary races decided

There are open seats in every district of the Elkhart Common Council.

Many of the voters who showed up Tuesday said they wanted to make sure their respective districts were represented the way they want them to be.

“It’s important to vote because for one, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain," Nikara Murray said.

Complaining about who sits on the Elkhart Common Council is one thing these voters don’t want to do this year.

“I want to see a council who wants to take on the challenges. I feel like we have lacked that for the last few years," Murray said.

“If you want to things to happen the way you want them you got to make a vote," Chester Williams said.

For many voters, the common council vote is just as important as the mayoral one.

"As important if not more. They have to work together," Murray said. “I think it’s important for us to have the right council. It’s important for us to get the right people in place so that our city becomes whole again.”

The primary winners are highlighted below

Elkhart Common Council District 1

  • Steve Gruber (R)
  • Richard Shively (R) - winner

Elkhart Common Council District 2

  • Roger L. Cotterman (R)
  • Kraig J. Grover (R)
  • Brian A. Thomas (R)- winner

Elkhart Common Council District 4

  • Dwight Fish (D) - winner
  • James Little (D)
  • Ron Troyer (D)

Elkhart Common Council District 6

  • Pam Kurpgeweit (R) - winner
  • Rick Stauffer (R)

Elkhart Common Council At-Large

  • Kevin Bullard (R)
  • Brian Dickerson (R)
  • Mary M. Olson (R)
  • Thomas Butler (D) - winner
  • Arvis L. Dawson (D) - winner
  • Alex Holtz (D) - winner
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