Protecting yourself against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes haven taken up residence in Michiana after the large amount of rainfall seen earlier in the month.

All of that rainfall caused a lot of flooding and areas of standing water. The problem is that standing water becomes a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are most active during the late afternoon, dusk to dawn, and in the early morning hours. If you need to be outside during those peek mosquito times, make sure you wear bug spray that contacts DEET. That active ingredient is most effective against mosquitoes.

People can also wear long sleeves and hats to protect exposed skin.

Since the large amount of rain, the St. Joseph County Health Department has seen a large volume of calls about mosquito problems in the area.

Currently the county does not spray and treat for mosquitoes but they have tried to remove areas where there is standing water.

People should be proactive when it comes to treating mosquitoes. It is important to not have any areas of standing water around your home. Roof gutters should be kept clean from debris like leaves that can clog them.

Grass should be kept short and shrubs trimmed. If there is still a mosquito problem, the area may need to be treated with a mosquito larvicide which can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

There are many places in Michiana that also spray for mosquitoes. For a list of places, click here.

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