Protesters call for criminal charges against driver who drove into a crowd Saturday

NOW: Protesters call for criminal charges against driver who drove into a crowd Saturday


MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A group of protesters gathered Monday evening to call for "Justice for Trevor," referring to Trevor Davis, the man hospitalized when an SUV drove through a crowd of protesters Saturday night. Witnesses of that incident and protesters Monday night said Mishawaka Police must move forward with criminal proceedings against that driver, gathering at Battel Park and marching to Mishawaka Police Headquarters. Police said they cannot take such action unless Davis files a formal complaint.

"I feel like Trevor is going to come to them," said Miah Thornton, the organizer of Monday night's protest. "He has every right to a lawyer, and that's what he asked for, and we're trying really hard to get him that lawyer. We have a GoFundMe page set up for it for people to donate and help him get that lawyer, and this will be resolved."

Once the group got to Mishawaka Police Headquarters Monday night, witnesses and activists addressed the crowd.

"We are calling for justice," said Kristin Eleanor who witnessed the SUV hit the crowd over the weekend. "This man intentionally attempted vehicular manslaughter and sent someone to the hospital. We demand that he is immediately arrested and formally charged for the crimes he committed on the evening of July 4th 2020."

Rachael Klink, another activist who spoke at Mishawaka Police Headquarters had a message for the driver of that SUV.

"If all lives matter, how could you run a man over?" Klink said. "He wasn't even black. Ya’ll hit an ally. God, you can't even be racist right."

Miah Thornton wanted everyone to know the protestors Saturday were not illegally blocking the street. She said police blocked it off for them and that the driver of the SUV drove through police barricades before driving into the crowd. Thornton also said Trevor Davis is out of the hospital and at home with his family resting and recovering from his injuries.

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