Group stages sit-in at Mayor Pete Buttigieg's office to protest climate change

NOW: Group stages sit-in at Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s office to protest climate change

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A group of protesters organized a sit-in at South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg's office on Friday to emphasize the importance of a climate action plan.

The group, who are part of the Sunrise Movement, entered the Mayor's downtown South Bend office single-file and placed letters on the front desk asking for the Buttigieg to improve his plan for climate action.

“We have a national platform that’s not available to everyone around the world," said one protestor. "So I’m here today to take a stand to pressure to Pete, to pressure our common council to pass a more aggressive, a more ambitious common council plan.”

The protesters say that they can help Buttigieg in implementing his plan, but they believe that the Mayor should treat it as an emergency.

The group is hoping that Buttigieg will change his plans so that there's accountability when it comes to pollution.

Mayor Buttigieg's Office released a statement on the sit-in, saying:

"Under Mayor Pete Buttigieg's leadership, the City of South Bend has prioritized sustainability and action to address the climate change crisis. From constructing the first LEED-certified South Bend city government buildings, to implementing green infrastructure in neighborhoods throughout the area, to responding to historic flooding caused by climate change, the Mayor has led from the front on climate. On Monday, the Common Council will vote on a climate action plan that sets aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in South Bend. The plan will be a living document responsive to changing circumstances, but includes near-term benchmarks to drive early action by local stakeholders."

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