Purdue looking for second win Saturday against the Irish

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. --- If the Irish can pull off a win, it will be the sixth year to do so.

But Purdue's new head coach picked up his first win las weekend and he is hoping to pick up his second tonight.

Head Coach Darrell Hazell said this week that his players and coaches have put in the work to come out on top tonight.

The last time the Irish played at Ross Ade two years ago, the Irish won.

Hazell says he knows his defense is going to have to play tonight.

"Great offensive line, you watched them last week they're very simplistic but they're very sound they're big they stay low we're going to have to battle inside.  The big key for our defense is not to give up those big plays.  That's the key make them eary every inch of the grass," said Head Coach Darrell Hazell.

He says his team can't settle for field goals if they want to win.

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