Put on ice: Howard Park Ice Rink opening delayed

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The mild temperatures have put some winter outdoor plans on ice.

The ice rink at Howard Park had enough ice to open last Friday and Saturday.

But the rain, wind and high temperatures melted the ice.

According to park officials, it takes up to three days to make enough ice for skating.

A longtime rink employee said she has seen the climate change drastically over the years.

"When I first started we would have several days through a winter where it was many degrees below zero," said Melanie Trowbridge. "And the last couple of years, you know we might get a day or two below zero but not very much."

Workers said ideal conditions for ice creation are 30 degrees and cloudy.

And that is not likely happen over the next week.

The weather conditions could force the annual "Santa Skate" to be canceled.

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