Rainbow cupcakes

Two of my coworkers share birthdays within just days of one another and so they agreed to allow me to make one batch of cupcakes for both of them.

The request: light colorful cake with bright frosting and sprinkles.

I decided to try out the recipe for rainbow or tie dye cupcakes.  It really could not be easier, and wow it has an effect!

Dirty little secret:  I was tired and just used a box mix of white cake.  After combining all ingredients, I separated the batter into several different bowls and added food coloring.

Then, it is time to be artistic!  Add some of the colors together and then use a toothpick to swirl it around.

That is it!  How simple!  Bright and fun!

I made blackberry buttercream to top if off, which aside from the occasional seed in your teeth was very sweet, but a good compliment to the white cake.

Monday I will tackle Tiramisu, so it will be a busy week for me in the kitchen!  

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