Rainy, mild and windy

Rain moves in this morning with winds picking up out of the SE, gusting upwards of 30 mph. Windy and rainy conditions persist through tonight with just a couple of showers possible on Friday. Cold air moves in through the day, causing temperatures to fall from the upper 40s. Daytime highs end up in the low 30s by Saturday with a chance of lake effect snow. We have another quick warm up in to New Year’s Eve before temperatures drop again for New Year’s Day. For any travelers, keep in mind lake effect snow will be possible.

Today: Increasing rain and wind, gust up to 30 mph. Temperatures warming to 52 by the evening.

Tonight: Scattered showers, low of 46.

Friday: Temperatures falling from 48, mostly cloudy, a chance of rain and breezy.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy, chance of L.E. snow, high of 33.

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