Rallies and protests occupy downtown South Bend

NOW: Rallies and protests occupy downtown South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has sparked debate, rallies, and protests across the country. In South Bend, both a rally and a protest took place downtown on Monday, as pro-lifers celebrated and pro-choicers protested.

“Let's celebrate the greatest news we’ve heard in our generation!" shouts Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

Downtown South Bend was loud and proud on Monday afternoon, with rallies and protests in light of the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. 

Hoosier Conservative Voices held a 'Rally for Life' to celebrate Dobbs decision, and remind pro-lifers that although Roe v. Wade was overturned, work still needs to be done to ban abortions in Indiana.

“We want to celebrate the Dobbs decision, most of the people that came have been involved in the pro-life movement for a long time," says the organizer of the rally and Executive Director of Voices for Life, Melanie Garcia Lyon. “The work isn’t done, there’s still a lot. Obviously in the legislature, abortions are still legal in Indiana.”

Representatives Jackie Walorski and Jake Teshka joined the 'Rally for Life', making their intentions clear to support the pro-life movement and vote accordingly at the Statehouse.

“I am committed to voting to protect life from the moment of conception here in Indiana when I return to the statehouse," says Representative Jake Teshka to the crowd.

“There’s other fights for other days, but in this decision, we won," Walorski says.

The pro-life rally was met with a counter protest from pro-choice supporters, they stood on the other side of the street opposing elected officials and chanted against the decision.

“There’s a poll, it’s like 60 to 70% of people do not agree with overturning Roe versus Wade. We are not the minority, we are the majority," says Jennifer Shabazz, the organizer of the pro-choice protest. “That tells me that she doesn’t represent me, she doesn’t choose to represent me.”

Looking ahead to July 6th, when the Indiana General Assembly will meet and decide how Indiana will handle the legality of abortions, pro-choicers say they will continue the protests, and pro-lifers say they hope their elected officials will stand by their values.

“Our voices will continue to be heard," Shabazz says.

“I'm continuing to pray that they stand by their values as we get towards the special session in July," says Garcia Lyon.

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