Reality show star reaches agreement with Michigan over false COVID-19 claims

LANSING -- A reality show star who owns non-surgical weight-loss centers in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo has agreed to retract misleading statements alleging an ipamorelin/sermorelin injection can prevent COVID-19, according to Attorney General Dana Nessel. 

Nessel's office says the department sent a notice of intended action to Stephanie Davison, the principal of Skin Envy LLC., in May 2021, for alleged violations of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

Davison not only is the principal of the weight-loss centers, she is on the TV show 90 Day Fiancé and has a large Instagram following.

The department says it received a complaint after Davison appeared on a local TV station's lifestyle show promoting her company's ipamorelin/sermorelin injections.

In the program, Davison suggested the injections prevent COVID-19. Her statements included  "[I]t boosts the immune system, which is very imperative. I mean, again, I didn’t, I, almost all of my friends got Covid-19. I never, I never did. So, I’m thankful and now I’ve been vaccinated so I will not get it ever now. So I’m so grateful and I’ve had people tell me in the medical field that it is probably due to the ipamorelin/sermorelin," according to the notice of intended action.

She also allegedly encouraged consumers to purchase the injections if they were scared of getting COVID.

Davison's website did not mention any potential side effects of the injection.

As part of the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance and Discontinuance, Davison agreed to:

  • Post a public retraction on her Instagram account for 30 days as of August 13
  • Add language to the Skin Envy website warning customers of potential injection side effects
  • Pay $4,000 to the Department as contribution for investigation costs
  • No longer use the video from the Michigan TV station touting the injections

“I am pleased to see Ms. Davison take responsibility in this matter, and it is my hope it can serve as a reminder that my office takes misleading and false claims related to consumer products very seriously,” Nessel said.

The agreement did not constitute an admission of wrongdoing on Davison's part.

Click here to view the agreement.

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