Record cold forecast for Tuesday


12:00 AM Tuesday: Along with record cold, wind chill values will be subzero to start the day Tuesday. Temperatures barely warm in the afternoon, wind chill improve slightly to above zero. Lake effect snow will taper off by the evening. 

Monday November 17th Update: Record cold is no longer questionable for Tuesday. The question is by how much will we shatter this 60 plus year record. It could be by 10 degrees. You can compare the updated forecast ( Fig 1) to the previous forecast from last week (Fig 2). Below is the article written last week on this record cold. 

If you though this week was cold, wait until next Monday and Tuesday. A reinforcing arctic blast will push high temperatures down into the mid to lower 20's Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday looks to be the coldest day and most likely day to set or tie the record coldest high temperature (Fig 1). Monday and Tuesday, while likely not record setting will still rank as some of the coldest days ever recorded in mid November (Table 1).

  Coldest Recorded High Temperatures ( Table 1)

Date      1st      2nd 3rd
1/17 15 in 1959 26 in 2005 28 in 1908
11/18 26 in 1951 26 in 1910 27 in 1989
11/19 23 in 1903 30 in 1932 30 in 1926

This will also make lake effect likely likely Monday night through Tuesday. Stay with us for that as it could produce more significant snowfall. Get the latest First Warning Neighborhood Weather Forecast here. 
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