Recycled armored vehicle finds new home in Berrien County

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich.-- Eighteen tons of protective armor just arrived at the Berrien County Sheriff's Department. It's the newest vehicle added to the county's fleet and just one example of military vehicles getting recycled and put to good use.

It’s called a MRAP and it’s the newest military hand-me-down scooped up by the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department. It is an 18-ton armored vehicle.

“Well if you look at it in the aspect of protection, yeah thrilled to death! And the whole idea of it being the size that it is, it didn’t come made to order," said Lieutenant Dan Jewell, Berrien County Sheriff’s Department

Instead of soldiers in Iraq, this vehicle will now be operated by the county’s 22 officer Tactical Response Unit or TRU.


"Most of our responses usually are dealing with drug search warrants, that type of thing and we also respond to barricaded gunman and hostage situations," said Lt. Jewell.


It rides pretty smooth for a vehicle that only averages around 5 miles to the gallon. Before it’s taken out for emergencies, officers must familiarize themselves with how it drives.


“The tactical team has done some operation," said Mike Bradley, Chief Deputy of the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department. "We’ve moved it from point A to point B. We’re in the process of actually getting some proper instruction from military drivers."

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