Residents head to work despite extreme cold

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Even though Mishawaka didn't issue a warning restricting travel Monday night and Tuesday morning, most people stayed home. By Tuesday morning, many people ventured out to go to work.

Starbucks without a line and gas pumps without any customers. That was how quiet Mishawaka was before St. Joseph County lifted the travel ban.

Mishawaka resident Jason Long had to go to work Tuesday.

"It's a 24 hour business and they're running a business. They're going to try to make money so if you can make it, it's fine. If you can't they understand and they won't count it against you," said Long.

Wearing a ski-mask and bundled up, Long was outside trying to shovel all the snow blocking his driveway.

"They let me stay home yesterday because of the weather and they understood no problems or anything. Today I haven't heard anything so I'm going to assume I need to be there today," said Long.

"I got a text from my coworker saying that the travel ban might be lifted at noon, so get ready," said Mishawaka resident Maicha Ban.

She warmed up her car so she could go to work.

"It's been hard lately in the morning trying to wake up and clean the car and get the driveway ready so I can get out with no problems," said Ban.

She normally starts work at 6:30 a.m., so she was thankful for the snow delay.

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