Residents upset over neighborhood eyesores

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Residents on Sheridan Street in South Bend are fed up with issues in their neighborhood. ABC57 looked into the issues and found out the residents won’t have to look at the eyesores much longer.

The remains of a large oak tree have been lying untouched since Thanksgiving and neighbors have been complaining about it.

"I already know they don't take care of the house, so I knew they weren’t going to come back and take care of it right away,” said Dawn Collins-McIntire.

"Well if it was me, I'd have it gone within the week,” said Ed Hagedorn.

According to neighbors the owner of the property has been out to clean up some of the mess, but left behind empty beer cans and chainsaw blades.

"They do more playing than they do working,” said Collins-McIntire.

But even if this pile of branches and sawdust are irritating, the bigger problem is a few doors down.

"It's an awful eyesore,” said Hagedorn.

"Demolish it. Definitely it needs to come down,” said Collins-McIntire.

Neighbors want to know why a home that burned in a fire over a year ago is still standing.

According to code enforcement both of these problems are being dealt with.

Bids for demolishing the fire-damaged home are expected to be sought after the first of the year.

The owner of the property with the oak tree has until Friday to clean up his yard or the city will do it for him and then bill him for it.

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