Residents wake up to damages after a morning storm

NOW: Residents wake up to damages after a morning storm

ELKHART, Ind -- Folks have been spending parts of their day making sure everything is cleaned up from the storm that rolled through this morning.

Neighbors were completely thrown off by the damage this morning as they were sound asleep during the storm.

One neighbor in particular says, the tree, that was uprooted during the storm, was part of her family history, but she's glad her and her neighbor are safe.

"I heard the winds coming through at work off of county road 6 and 13 this morning at about 7 o’clock the winds starting picking up pretty briskly and trees were blowing sideways. Sky’s got really black and you can see what looked like rotation in the cloud cover." said Shawn Cartwright.

As of now, piles of branches and garbage bags sit on the curbs in front of homes, as neighbors have spent parts of their day cleaning the damages.

The storm also caused major power outages across Elkhart County.

Many of which are back up and running.

For those who still don't have power, Indiana Michigan Power, says they will be fixed by midnight.

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