Restaurant selling pizza kits to keep families entertained

NOW: Restaurant selling pizza kits to keep families entertained

NILES, Mich. --- Dining rooms at all Michiana pubs and restaurants closed on Monday afternoon. Take-out and delivery is still an option for businesses and one local pizza shop is adding a twist to make take-out fun for children at home.

For many, this is also a time to shop local and bring business to the Michiana community.

Pizza Transit closed their doors on indoor dining and opened the door to an innovative way to keep children at home entertained and fed.

“You know, we’re all kind if sticking together and everybody’s going to get through this,” Sarah Brittin said, Owner of Pizza Transit.

With chairs and tables stacked in the corner, Pizza Transit might just look a little different, but all of the empty space is making room for one unique addition.

“Well, I thought what’s more fun than making pizza,” Brittin said.

Pizza kits—to keep children at home entertained and making it a fun night for the entire family at home.

“A lot of our business is families and with all of the kids at home right now, we really wanted to have something fun for families to be able to do since they can’t come in and dine with us like usual,” Brittin said.

Each pizza kit comes with dough for a large pizza, a cup of sauce, a bag of cheese and your two favorite pizza toppings—all for only $10.

“We’ve had a great response,” Brittin said. “Lots of people coming in to get them and asking questions about it so far, so it’s been really positive.”

Brittin said that this is the perfect time to shop local and give back to the small businesses in the Michiana communities as they fight to keep doors open, stay profitable and make sure their own employees keep food on the table.

“It’s really good to give back to those little local places,” Brittin said. “You know, big chain stores are going to make it through this no matter what, but some of those rick and mortar stores downtown and your local community really need the money and to keep being able to pay their employees too.”

The pizza kits are already a hit in the community and it is a great way to drive businesses while keeping customers happy.

“We’ve got 20 employees to worry about keeping food on their own tables also,” Brittin said. “So if we can make something that’s fun for the community to do and keep our business open longer then we definitely are happy to do that.”

Brittin said they plan to continue making pizza kits at least until children head back to school and if everybody loves it enough—they might just stick around for good.

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