Restaurant still opening despite pandemic

NOW: Restaurant still opening despite pandemic

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Many local businesses have had to close shorten their hours or even close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However one new, family owned business decided to be a ray of hope among the storm.

"This is the central kind of identity for the Hispanic community and not just for Hispanics but also the West Side has a very diverse population" says owner Guadalupe Garcilazo.

Carniceria Los Gallos opened their doors on Monday March 30th at 2024 West Western Avenue on the West Side of South Bend.

While the grand opening was not as grand as expected due to stay at home orders, owners Guadalupe and Francisco tell me the customers have been consistently showing up over the past 3 days.

The dream of owning a store became a reality 14 months ago as the couple bought the store front and decided to have their opening day before the Holy Week of Easter.

They wanted to be available to the community they call home during this holy time to allow the best produce and meats for the celebratory meals.

Even as many other businesses are shutting down, Los Gallos is open to the public and wants to be a beacon of continued hope to the struggling community.

"It's been a really powerful experience cause you know growing up Hispanic you want the variety, you want it to be especially fresh" says owner, Guadalupe Garcilazo, "you want that culture especially on the west side there's a big presence of that culture so we wanted ot be apart of that culture. We wanted to empower the community."

The taqueria is a full grocery store with fresh produce, a full meat counter where you can buy meat to take home or have it cooked on location for you to eat at the shop (which is currently closed due to coronavirus but is hoping to open back up soon), and has other take and go snacks, seasonings, and sauces.

Guadalupe mentions how she and her husband are excited to continue to meet and see their new customers as the outbreak has begun to slow down.

In the mean time, Los Gallos is still there with clean and open doors.

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