Restaurants looking to cash in by staying open late for Black Friday shoppers

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - Area restaurants like Nick’s Patio and Starbucks will be open all night, in hopes that the Black Friday shoppers will stop in and refuel, maybe even more than once. 

Whether its a hot a meal, or a hot drink, Black Friday shoppers are bound to need a break from the chaos and the lines.

Chris Vogel, store manager of the Starbucks on Main Street said that's why they are staying open, "They can come in here get something that they’re used to or something that they’ve never had before, a little holiday treat, it gives people a second to get away from standing in line."

Starbucks on Main Street said that last year they closed at 7 p.m. and customers were begging them to stay open. 

"So we thought It'd be fun just to kind of go on a 24-hour marathon."

Jeff Samoilis of Nick’s Patio said they hope the Black Friday sales starting sooner causes people to work up more of an appetite.

"This year we are expecting a big turnout, we’re expecting it to actually be 40-45 percent more."

Some in the Black Friday crowd said they won’t be making a pit-stop for food.

"Nope, I already had Thanksgiving dinner."

While others are thrilled that a coupe local shops are staying open.

"Oh my coffee? It’ll be right after here because I've got to have the caffeine to get me through the night."

"I think that’s awesome, they definitely need to be open 24 hours with all of the sales that’s going on through the night so it’s a really good thing."

As stores open earlier and earlier for Black Friday, local restaurants are hoping that it will be beneficial for them and that they will see even more of a profit.


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