Results are in! ABC 57 tests Granger well water

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The results are back from an ABC 57 well water test.  After seeing a map that showed high levels of nitrate in areas of the county’s groundwater, we decided to run a test.

“Nitrate is actually a precursor to other types of contamination like pesticides or other things,” said Nathan Trowbridge UL Customer Experience Manager.

We tested Granger resident Coy Jankowski’s well water from his kitchen sink and dropped the test off at the UL DrinkWell Lab in downtown South Bend.
The results said his water is safe.
“Green means good,” said Trowbridge. “Yellow means we found something but it’s not a concern.”
The test came back showing a small trace of nitrate in the water.  It was detected at 4.1 mg/L which is less than the federal level of 10 mg/L.
Jankowski said he’s never had his water tested, so he was expecting for the test to come back with some contamination.
But, now he’d just recommend others to get theirs tested.
“If you have any worries about it probably do it because then when you actually find out, either way, you’re going to just feel better about it,” said Jankowski.
The lab recommends that if you’re a well owner to get your water tested at least once every year.
“We normally recommend that if you’re a well owner that you get your water tested, at least for bacteria, once a year. It’s just pretty safe to do that,” said Trowbridge.
The UL DrinkWell Lab has been in downtown South Bend since 1986. It tests water nationwide and even internationally.
The test we ran cost $99.
You can find more information at .

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