Retailers prepping pop-up shops

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Several new shop owners are rushing to turn empty downtown store fronts into pop-up shops for the holidays.

The empty locations have dirty floors and chipped paint and must be turned into a retail store in just ten days.

There are three new pop-up shops at 225 South Michigan. The new retailers just got their keys to the building on Tuesday.

“We're a little nervous but we're going to do it,” said Jeannie Kincses.

Kincses and her six business partners unlocked the doors and got to work painting the off-white walls, cleaning the glass, and washing up the dirt and grime.

But the ten day countdown isn't just about the soap and suds.

“Carry in all their inventory. Figure out how they're going to display it and get that set up and they've got just ten days to do it,” said Tamara Nicholl-Smith of Downtown South Bend.

And they must come up with the crucial front window display.

 “It's going to be a Christmas wonderland for the holidays. It's going to be trees and decorations and lights and beautiful paint on the walls,” said Kincses.

As for the shelves that aren't up yet, they'll be stocked with handmade gifts.

In the same building, one new neighbor will feature accessories and clothing. Another will be  a place to take family portraits for Christmas.

Down the street, more options are also coming soon.

“Indiana Rug, which is a local rug manufacturer,” said Nicholl-Smith. “Next to 'Chicory' we have 'As the Wood Turns' which is a wood artist. So rocking chairs and tables and bowls and all these things.”

“We can't wait. I'm almost tearing up over it. I'm just so excited,” said Kincses.

Kincses says the anticipation makes the dirty work fly by.

Even though the shop may smell like fresh paint, she wants the bold, floral wallpaper covered for good.

The pop up shops open November 2nd during first Fridays.

The doors close after the holidays on December 29th.

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