River Park community concerned about suspicious man looking through homes

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- People living in River Park say they're concerned about a suspicious man allegedly looking through the windows of their houses. One woman, who wishes not to be identified claims the man even tried stealing her packages.

"I had packages on my front step and he proceeded to go through the packages to start taking them and then our neighbor hollered at him and he put them back," said the woman.

A post was made on a Facebook group about the man but the person who made the post said the man ran away when she took his picture so she didn't call police. 

"We haven’t had that where they’ve actually come into our yards and going up to our windows because as you see we have to come up," said a neighbor. "We’re not on the street level you have to walk up to our yards into our homes."

People living in the area say they're on edge and wanting more to be done to curb the activity.

"I don’t understand why didn’t call the police. I’m thankful to the lady that took the picture, I just wished that she would have called the police. She could have anonymously called in and just told them to get a car out here and start walking the area."

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