River Park residents concerned about Poo at the Zoo

Residents who live by the Potawatomi Zoo are concerned about the stench coming from the zoo's waste piles.

A viewer sent ABC57 a picture of the "poo at the zoo" behind his home in the 500-block of South Ironwood Drive. 

Lucas said, “I like the zoo and the animals and everything but it's where they put the feces at!”

Lucas said he called the zoo multiple times about the smell because he said the stench is terrible but no one called him back.   

Lucas said, “The suns baking it, it stinks, and bugs and rodents and and all kinds of animals I see running down the alley going towards it.”

Lucas said his family can't barbecue anymore because it smells so bad. 

Lucas said, “They've got a big mountain hill on the back of my house on the other side of the fence.”

General Curator John Sisk said they've dumped waste in that spot for 100 years. 

Sisk said he's aware of the smell. 

Sisk said, “The reality is, it's a zoo. And it's full of animals. And just like a farm, it smells.”

Sisk said it's similar to living by the railroad tracks, you shouldn't complain about the sounds of a train if you choose to live there. 

Sisk said, “With all these animals, we have a lot of manure every single day. So it's never not going to be empty.”

Sisk said no matter where they move the compost and waste piles, it will be near a home. 

Sisk said, “I guess I understand their problem, they're at their barbecues that the smell is coming through and they can't be out in their yard, but it comes with living next to a zoo.”

Lucas said he wishes they would haul away the waste more often. 

Lucas said, “Haul it away? Give it to a farmer?”

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