Riverwalk crosswalk confuses pedestrians, drivers

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- People who are using the Riverwalk are concerned about traffic near the corner of Wilson and Logan Streets. They say drivers are posing a real danger to pedestrians who are crossing at the crosswalk.

Flashing caution lights clearly mark the crosswalk.

Pedestrians said they enjoy the Riverwalk, but at the intersection, the crosswalk is a little dangerous.

“There is no stop light here and yet the buzzer looks like some many places where you push it and you wait to get a red light so you can cross. But this isn't like that. I think it's a little confusing,” said Robert Fenstermacher.

The Mishawaka Police Department said the yellow caution lights were put in place to alert drivers that people may be crossing at the corner.

“When those lights are flashing it’s almost exactly like you are in a school zone. We need you to slow down and give that right away to the actual pedestrian,” said Lt. Tim Williams of the Mishawaka Police Department.

Some who walk the path daily say they've seen people almost get hit by a car when they try to cross over to the other side of the Riverwalk.

“It said it activates the flashers, I'm not sure the flashers slow people down very much,” said Fenstermacher.

Mishawaka Police said that they haven't written any speeding tickets yet but they will be beefing up security in the area to enforce the speed limit and ensure the safety of those who are trying to cross. 

“If we need to have officers go out and enforce it on overtime, with some of the traffic grants, we'll have officers do that. I'll make sure that they are in that area enforcing that safety zone as well,” said Williams. 

Police emphasized that even though the speed limit along this street is normally 30 miles per hour, if you are driving by and see the lights flashing, you are supposed to drop your speed down to 20 miles per hour. 

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