Roxy's Hamburgers serving final meals

NOW: Roxy’s Hamburgers serving final meals

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. - A Michiana restaurant, open for 50 years, is flipping their final burgers.

Some customers tell ABC 57, Roxy's in St. Joseph is an institution in that community.

But the building will soon have new owners and a completely new business.

The current owners say they have no idea what the new management team will do with the place, but they do know Roxy's will no longer exist.

"Oh sad this is an institution this is something I've been coming to forever I'm really sad to see it go," said Terry Crow, a long-time customer.

Crow has been chowing down on Roxy’s fried cheese since she was a teenager.

“I usually average at least once a week," said Crow.

But Jodi Wenzlaf, who has owned Roxy's for four years, and worked an additional 16 under her mom, is ready to retire.

“I'm sad to see Roxy go it is a part of the community but its just things have gotten a lot harder with food costs going up, wages going up, more restaurants going in everyday," said Wenzlaf.

Jodi and her husband made the decision to sell Roxy’s in May.

She says sales have been downm especially this summer, and it was just the right time.

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