Royalton Township roads improved after yesterday's flood but residents still have concerns

NOW: Royalton Township roads improved after yesterday’s flood but residents still have concerns

ROYALTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.--- Residents are seeing significant improvements in flooding from yesterday, although there’s still some areas with water on the roads.

Many people said that the flooding wasn’t as bad as expected, but some residents were inconvenienced with the flood. Heidi Merchant said animal control is watching over her horse as she waits for the water levels to go down.

“We actually had animal control come and get her on Monday when water started to come up,” said Merchant. And animal control was great to work with. They’re housing her until it is safe.”

Up the road, Richard McCoy, a farm and cabin owner on Derfla Drive had flooding in his cabin and farm. McCoy says it’s an especially hard time for people who live in the area and are still repairing from last year’s devastating flood.

“We’re all getting really depressed over it," said McCoy. “It’s really hurting our feelings because we can’t really not imagine it happening in the future. So it’s very depressing actually.”

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