Running back Kyren Williams' electric running propels Irish offense

NOW: Running back Kyren Williams’ electric running propels Irish offense

Kyren Williams is a captain for the Irish and leader of this electric running back squad. However, outside of the Florida State game, the Irish didn’t have much luck running the ball. Then Williams flipped the switch against USC, as he leads this new and improved rushing attack. Williams says he was confident before kickoff that he was due for a big night under the lights.

“Even before the game I knew what I had to do,” running back Kyren Williams said. “I knew the mindset and I just knew from this whole week of practice this was going to start clicking we’re going to start gluing together. As you see the game go on it’s just those two-yard runs turn to five, those five turn into 10, 10 turn into 12 and then you bust a big one." 

"Now you’ve got the defense on their heels. How are they going to stop the run? How are they going to stop the pass? Being able to play complimentary football on offense was just big for us,” Williams said.

Williams rushed for 126 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns against Cincinnati and Virginia Tech combined. Against USC, he rushed for 138 yards and added 2 rushing touchdowns. While he’s the one credited with game balls and statistics, every running back knows they are nothing without their offensive line. 

“That identity that we always knew we had, we just had to find it,” Williams said. “Guys are making blocks, pushing the line of scrimmage to make it easier for us as running backs to hit a hole and make explosive runs. So shoutout the offensive line for working hard getting to the second level and making it easier for me to do my job.“

Williams’ mindset remained consistent despite early season struggles. And the more carries Williams gets, the more explosive the Irish is under the lights against North Carolina.

 “We’re finally finding it and having those drives where you run the same play over and over again and them not being able to stop it because of the will of our offense,” Williams said. “The more on my back for me I like it. I just knew I had to come in with the mindset like I do every game, it’s just dominate and don’t be stopped by nobody.”

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