Rural and volunteer fire departments receive grants from DNR

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced 60 rural and volunteer fire departments received Volunteer Fire Assistance grants.

The DNR Division of Forestry administers the grants that are available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. The awarded grants ranged $575 to $5,000.

DNR Forestry staff review grant applications and select recipients on the basis of population density, acres of public wildlands protected, and wildland fire reporting to DNR Fire Control Headquarters. Grants can be used for training, installation of dry hydrants, or to purchase necessary firefighting equipment and gear to combat wildland fires.

These are the northern Indiana fire departments that received grants.

Aubbeenaubbee Twp VFD (Fulton) $2,307 Wildland
LaGrange VFD (LaGrange) $5,000 Safety
Shipshewana VFD (LaGrange) $5,000  Safety
Cass-Clinton VFD (LaPorte) $5,000  Radios
LaCrosse VFD (LaPorte) $5,000  Safety
Lapaz-North Twp FD (Marshall) $5,000  Safety
Liberty Twp VFD (St. Joseph) $1,235   Safety
Southwest Central FT (St. Joseph) $5,000  Water handling
Warren Twp FD (St. Joseph) $4,950  Safety

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