Safely navigating new roundabouts

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --This summer, three roundabouts have opened in South Bend.  The one on Ironwood and Auten opened on Thursday, and there was a car accident that same day.

Experts say if drivers hesitate, speed or brake too fast, these new additions can be dangerous. ABC 57 rode along with a driving instructor who has tips on how to keep you safe on these new roads.

A number of signs to read, cars flying by, others slamming on their breaks, and you only have a few seconds to get in where you fit in.

For many first time drivers, roundabouts can be overwhelming. 

Driving instructor Bill Wagner with Frick's Driver Education says he has seen veterans get flustered as well.

"One person panics, slams on the breaks, the other one hits them."

Wagner also says most people disregard the speed limit.

"People become a lot more aggressive drivers. They do not want to let anybody get ahead of them so even though somebody is in the roundabout, they're going to cut them off."

The circle can also create confusion. And that is what caused the accident only hours after the new roundabout opened.

Wagner’s advice for teens and the experienced is the same.

"Be safe, take your time, it could save your life."

If you’re in doubt stay in you lane you can always go around and come back and try it again. 

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