Safety sign installed on pier at Silver Beach

St. Joseph, Mich – After two years a safety sign both warning of the dangers of diving off the pier and honoring the victims that lost their lives on the pier was installed. 

The sign that has a sobering message took two years to plan and be approved by local officials. 

ABC57 has followed this story from the beginning. 

“We’re trying to save a life its been too long, basically in the last century there’s been over a hundred people that have lost their lives here” St. Joseph resident Chris Siriano said.  

Siriano thought of the sign that has the faces of Travonnne Shannon and Brandi Mannino featured on it. 

“Today is an emotional day but also a happy one too” Mother of Travonne Shannon, Tonya Towns said. 

Siriano and those involved had to get an approval from Berrien County and the City of St. Joseph along with the Army Corps. Of Engineers 

Throughout the journey Tonya Towns says she hopes the sign saves lives.

“I’m hoping this sign reaches out to a lot of kids, families, whoever to just come out here and say hey well lets not do this its already been a lot of people that lost their lives, I don’t want to be the next one to lose my life” Woods said. 

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