Saint Mary's College responds to racist graffiti found on campus

NOW: Saint Mary’s College responds to racist graffiti found on campus

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Saint Mary’s College has zero tolerance for intolerance.

Officials at the school are pledging diversity and inclusion after racist graffiti was discovered on campus.

“It’s a learning opportunity, everything that happens to us. How do we take that opportunity to make a difference is what’s the most important,” said Gloria Jenkins, the director of Multicultural Services.

Officials are looking at this isolated incident as a teachable moment for this college.

A spokesperson for the college says a student discovered racist writings on a poster in one of the halls on November 19.

“The action was limited to one poster, in which a derogatory word was written,” said Jenkins. “We do not tolerate this as it does not fulfil our mission.”

Most students didn’t actually see the graffiti but quite a few were happy with the college president’s quick response.

In an email sent to students, President Jan Cervelli doubled down on the school’s policy prohibiting harassment of any kind.

She wrote in part:

“Saint Mary’s does not tolerate and specifically prohibits any kind of unlawful discrimination or harassment by a member of the college community. Saint Mary’s takes prompt and appropriate action to address such conflict and to end a hostile work environment if one has been created.”

The poster was removed immediately after officials were notified.

Moving forward the doors of the Office of Multicultural Services will be open for students looking to speak out against this behavior.

“We hear them and we will work with to do what is need to make sure that we do what is needed so that these situations don’t happen,” said Jenkins.

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