Salvation Army in need of donations

NILES, Mich. -- The Salvation Army is looking for a little help meeting the needs of the community. The pantry is low on food and the supply is quickly dwindling.

The Salvation Army needs more than just holiday food items on their shelves.

“Hamburger Helper, peanut butter is a staple for us, cereal, canned meats, juices, anything that you would see in your own pantry we need,” said Jan Nowak, Director of Caring Ministries and Social Services.

A need that's almost too large to comprehend. Every month it gives away 2 years’ worth of groceries.

“Everybody that comes in and is screened for services, when they leave here they’re given a week’s worth of groceries for their family size. And we do that over 100 times a month,” said Nowak.

So the Salvation Army is asking people to think 'one more'.
That means every time you pick up a can or box of something at the grocery store, just grab one more. And you can help feed those who are struggling in your neighborhood.

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