Santa Ana winds fueling raging wildfires

Thousands of acres have burned in California from the wildfires that continue to burn. Many people are still being evacuated as the fires inch closer to their homes. 

Firefighters are struggling to contain the fires and part of that is due to the very dry and warm conditions being pushed in from the Santa Ana winds. 

Santa Ana winds are defined by the National Weather Service as "strong, hot, dust-bearing winds descend to the Pacific Coast around Los Angeles from inland desert regions". This pushes out the normally cool, moist air from the Pacific Ocean, keeping Southwest California hot and dry. These winds continue to fuel and spread the wildfires, creating a very dangerous situation.

Red Flag Warnings for the strong gusty winds are still posted for much of Southern California but the weather pattern is expected to change by the end of the week. When the winds die down, it will help the firefighters contain the massive fires. 

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