SB150 taking application for grants

 South Bend is celebrating its 150th birthday this year.  The non profit group, SB150, is in charge of all the events.  And now, they're looking for organizations who are putting on projects and events, celebrating South Bend's history and culture.  They're taking applications for grants, and they say they want to invest in projects that promote economic development, and also build a stronger community identity.  

"We don't want it to be just a series of events the city puts on," says Kyle Carter, the program coordinator with SB150.  

SB150 is awarding about $10,000 to different organizations to help them fund their own community events.  But there's a catch, the event funded with the grant, will have to tie in the SB150 theme.  

The deadline to apply for the grand is February 20.  And applicants will be notified March 5.  

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